Criminal and Immigration Lawyers in San Jose

Immigration Lawyers in San Jose, Criminal lawyer in San Jose
The U.S. Immigration Services and Customs Enforcement works under the Homeland Security Department taking care of the processing and enforcement of U.S. immigration issues. As per the U.S. immigration laws, a person is either considered as a citizen or an alien. U.S. law categories alien as per his immigration status, where every group holds different rights and obligations, like the right to live in the United States, right to work in the U.S. and the right to sponsor their relatives. An Alien may either hold a lawful permanent residence, immigrant visa, or he is a temporary lawful visitor, undocumented person.An Immigration lawyer in San Jose represents an individual seeking visa or green card (permanent residence), allowing him to move in or continue his stay in the United States. The two common visas types include employment-based and family-based visas. An employment-based visa grants the right to work in the U.S to a non-U.S. citizen. Spouse along with kids may at times accompany the employment-based immigrant. In case of family-based visas, a foreign national confer a lawful permanent residence based on his close relationship to a U.S. citizen.

An Immigration attorney also handles the deportation or removal, asylum matters, and naturalization i.e. the citizenship cases. For the reason that immigration proceedings are often intricate and complex, the attorney is invaluable to all the dealings of immigration issues. In case of Deportation/removal, the alien candidate is removed from the United States when found violating U.S. immigration laws. The deportation or the removal is issued by the immigration judge without imposing/contemplating any punishment. For a Lawful permanent residence visa, a person is not a U.S. citizen and is residing in the United States, under lawful regulations, often recorded as a permanent residence for an immigrant.

A Non-citizen of the United States, when convicted of any crime can face some serious immigration penalties. Any felony and misdemeanant convictions cause the termination of permanent residence visa or green card, leading to the candidate’s deportation or removal. An immigrant condemned with a crime must talk to his lawyer immediately. A good lawyer has years of experience in immigration laws along with criminal laws can help in avoiding the complexed immigration consequences

What are the popular immigration consequences?

Some of the common immigration consequences may include:

  • Deportation/Removal from the United States.
  • After the Deportation, inability to re-enter the States.
  • Losing Permanent Residency or the Green Card.
  • Rejection of Naturalization.
  • Delays in Application.

If you are in the U.S. on permanent residency visa or green card or applying for citizenship (popularly known as Naturalization), you need to contact the best immigration attorney serving in your area. Options like ilexapp.com help you in finding the best immigration lawyer in San Jose holding years of experience in the specific area. Hiring an attorney may help you in avoiding complex penalties or consequences like the deportation/ removal, or rejection of the application. There is also a possibility of seeking a modification in the status. Ilexapp helps you discover the best attorney offering expertise on various options for residing in the United States.


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