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ilex is an online tool that helps people look for local lawyers.

ilex provides a listing of experienced Attorneys that are ready, willing and capable of solving your legal problems.

We work with the most skilful legal professionals. Our ilex tool enables internet users to see the Attorneys status (online/offline), call them, email them or send text messages in real time. At the same time, our attorneys can see the incoming inquiries instantly on their mobile devices. Our app saves money, time and effort while looking for legal representation...Read more

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You won't find a more honest & knowledgeable lawyer in San Francisco!.Humble and an amazing lawyer.I highly recommend his services.

Chris Martin

Strong. Supportive. Breaks down the law in a way you can understand. Would highly recommend using them.

Loresa Grigsby

Best lawyer search platform in San Jose! Instant consulting on the go on various occasions for a very reasonable price and is extremely knowledgeable!

Josh Payne


Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in San Francisco

Posted In: Attorney in San Francisco

If you are undergoing any Criminal prosecution in San Francisco, it is the time to act, while keeping few important things in mind. Frankly, speaking your reputation and freedom is at stake and you are in an urgent need of… Continue Reading

Criminal Assault Lawyers in San Francisco Ca

Posted In: San Francisco Sexual Assault Attorney

Have you ever been arrested for criminal law? With criminal law, Assault is often considered a serious offense.In most states, even the threat of physical injury is treated as an “assault”. A Criminal Assault committed, when person attempts to strike… Continue Reading

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers in San Francisco

Posted In: criminal defense lawyer

Criminal law is complex, being an assortment of state and federal laws.Every state has its own laws and penalties for any state crimes.Because the laws of criminal justice is complex, an average person is unable to fully understand the laws… Continue Reading

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