Who We Are

ilexapp is an online tool that helps people look for local lawyers.

ilexapp provides a listing of experienced Attorneys that are ready, willing and capable of solving legal problems.  

Our staff searches for the most skillful legal professionals who knows the law very well. At the same time, our listing provides lawyers who are technologically savvy and not arrogant.  Our ilexapp tool enables internet users see the Attorneys` status (online/offline), call them, email them or send text messages in real time. 

Our app saves money, time and effort to look for an Attorney. It bridges the gap between potential clients and legal professional using online web based software technologies. 

In the digital age, the pace of business decisions has accelerated from weeks and days to hours and seconds. The businesses that can’t keep up are left behind. The old-adage “I will get back to you” is no longer applicable. ilexapp enables legal services with the speed of the digital age. 


Practice Areas.

We are currently serving 4 major Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Business Law, Immigration Law and Divorce/Family Law.


1. On the drop-down menu of the front page, choose the area of law in which you are interested;

2. Punch in the zip code of the location where you need an Attorney;

3. Press the search botton.  

The list of available Attorneys in your area will appear on the screen.  Feel free to call or text the Attorney in which you are interested. 


Criminal Law

Attorneys listed in this section specialize in all types of criminal charges and will be avaialble to advice you before other Attorneys return your call. 

Criminal Law is one of the areas of law that requeires expedient actions by Attorneys.  If you got arrested or pulled over and don't know what to do, you definitely don't have time to look for an Attorney online.  Well, our system provides you with a solution.  When you choose the Criminal Law section from our drop-down menu and punch in your zip code, you will see the list of Attorneys who are available.  After that, you can call or text one or all of them and ask for help. 

Business Law

By Business Law we understand all of the laws that govern business, how ot start one, run, close, expand and deal with legal issues. ilexapp helps agile businesses save money on legal costs and get instant solutions to impending legal questions. 

Immigration Law

ilexapp helps those who are in the US and outside the US find immediate legal counsel.  

Divorce/Family Law  

Divorce/Family Law is one of the most troublesome areas of law. People who search for divorce lawyers are normally not in the best mood and may not want to see an Attorney.  ilexapp provides all the communicational tools to find, contact and interview lawyers to help resolve family issues.  




How it works.

At this top of our home page, there is a search bar. On the left, there are 4 practice areas.  We have Attorneys only in those 4 practice areas. You can choose one of those. After that, please put your zip code and press the search button. That's it. See the list of the lawyers available in your area. There are several ways to contact an Attorney that you like: call from your mobile device or send a text. Also, you can check the geolocation to see how far an Attorney is from you. 

The short bio on the Attorneys will provide you with the most basic information regarding Attorneys' areas of experties and work experience. Those attornyes who status indicates that they are ONLINE can be contacted immediately to serve your legal needs. 

If your area of interest is not on the list, or you cannot find an Attorney, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.