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Attracting new clients can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. You need to keep your website upgraded (not to mention worrying about Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) ) Maybe you've tried ads and Google Adwords - big expense, iffy return. And how about those free consultations? They're not free to you. It's all frustrating and often ineffective.

And then there's client communication: always a brewing cauldron of potential confusion. How much time have you and your staff spent searching for lost attachments and documents?

There's a better way. A new tech advanced way that our ilexapp team has put together for the attorneys in the US. It's the new way to instantly connect with, and keep, clients in any state in the US. ilexapp works to bring you more business and provide a framework for much more efficient communication and getting new business.

All you have to do is create a concise profile on our website with your picture and address, download our mobile app Skylex, and you (or your entire law firm) show up in front of hundreds of Internet visitors. Our search system automatically matches potential clients with attorneys in their areas. They see all the information they need to decide to contact you directly through ilexapp in a browser or on their mobile devices using Skylex. Our platform lets users contact you directly - when you want to receive call bypassing receptionists and paralegals.

Work where and when you want to. Just switch the ONLINE/OFFLINE status bar whenever you want to receive inquiries. That means you can practice law outside of business hours, and outside the office - no receptionists or paralegals needed! When your profile is ONLINE, it shows up at the top of searches, boosting your chances of getting new clients.

Our platform ilexapp works from any Mac or Windows desktop computer, and it's free for mobile devices at the App Store and Google Play, where it's known as Skylex. Skylex and are fully integrated: one login ID, one password for both.

Plus, you only share your cell number when you choose to. Skylex mobile application keeps your number private, and there's no need for multiple phones, there is no need to fear that needy clients will keep calling you cell phone late at night. In fact, you can receive calls, messages and documents through ilexapp and Skylex without sharing your cell number with anyone.

You can get text messages and calls from new clients and make calls to them without using yours and clients' landline or cell phones. All who have our app installed will receive a buzz. Once you're under retainer to that new client, and for the clients you already have, Skylex puts all the communication tools you need in one place: call, texts, missed calls log, and document attachments. With Skylex and ilexapp it's easy to keep track of missed calls, messages and documents.

Join us and practice in the IT smart way.
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