How It Works

How it works.

At this top of our home page, there is a search bar. On the left, there are 4 practice areas.  We have attorneys only in those 4 practice areas. You can choose one of those. After that, please put your zip code and press the search button. That''s it. See the list of the lawyers available in your area. There are several ways to contact an attorney that you like: call from your mobile device or send a text. Also, you can check the geolocation to see how far an attorney is from you. 

The short bio on the attorneys will provide you with the most basic information regarding attorneys'' areas of expertise and work experience. Those attorneys who status indicates that they are ONLINE can be contacted immediately to serve your legal needs. 

If your area of interest is not on the list, or you cannot find an attorney, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.