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DUI Lawyer in San Francisco

ilexapp is the new way to get instantly connected to clients in any state in the US. Trying to get new clients may be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Constantly upgrading a website, offering free consultations, worrying about SEO may be very confusing, frustrating and ineffective.ilexapp provides a framework to get connected to new clients and retain them. By simply creating a profile on our website and downloading our support mobile app, the attorney (or the entire law firm) becomes visible to hundreds of our visitors. By switching ONLINE/OFFLINE status bar, the attorney may choose a time to receive inquiries. That allows attorneys practice law outside of business hours and remotely.  When an attorney’s profile is ONLINE, it shows up on the top of our search. That increases chances of getting more clients.  A short attorneys profile has all the necessary information to help clients make a decision on who to contact. We require that each attorney has a picture and an address. We do not ask for lengthy descriptions and unnecessary information. Our search system is very accurate. It will automatically match the clients with the attorneys based on the client’s location.

Our platform works from a desktop computer on www.ilexapp.com and available on mobile devices as Skylex (go to App Store and Google Play to download).  With our app, any attorney can be contacted by a new client directly but without calling a receptionist or paralegal. Our platform allows lawyers to practice “on the go” but without revealing the cell phone numbers or having multiple phones.

ilexapp can help attorneys cut cost on receptionists, paralegals, office spaces, advertisements, save time and money. As an additional attorney safety feature, ilexapp disguises the attorney’s cell phone number while giving access to attorney’s individual cell phone on the attorney’s terms. In other words, attorneys can receive calls, messages and documents from clients to their mobile devices through the app without sharing the cell phone numbers with anyone.

DUI Lawyer in San Francisco

Skylex is a free mobile app that facilitates the features of ilexapp.com. With Skylex attorneys receive messages and calls from new clients and can make calls to new clients without using their landline or cell phones. Skylex is a useful tool for communicating with the existing clients as well. Instead of sending multiple emails, search attachments and checking voicemail, Skylex has it all in one place. With Skylex, it’s easy to keep track of all missed calls, messages and documents. Skylex and ilexapp.com are fully integrated solutions, with one login and password, we provide access to both free of charge. Skylex is an easy to use and navigate mobile app available on Android and iPhone free of charge.

Our goal is to bring more business to attorneys and provide a framework for efficient communication.

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