Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, criminal defense lawyer, find criminal lawyer near me

A Los Angeles Criminal Attorney is staffed by holding expertise in various practice areas and other offenses. A professional lawyer is committed to protecting your rights and defending for the best possible outcome to the case.

Some of the most common criminal offenses, where hiring an expert lawyer becomes mandatory includes:

  • DUI Charges

Undergoing a DUI doesn’t always fetch criminal allegations, but even a DUI for the first-time without any annoying factors can bring some serious penalties, like losing the driver’s license for an entire year, county jail, along with a hefty fine. Also, having a DUI on record may affect your employment opportunities in the future.  To get your DUI charge dismissed or getting the sentence lightened, it is vital to appoint an experienced DUI lawyer who can easily find some flaws in the evidence and engage in appropriate negotiations wherever possible.

  • Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are a serious offense in the Los Angeles criminal code. Be it a mere misdemeanor, infraction, or a felony, severity of crime depends upon the kind, quantity of drugs involved. Loss of driving privileges, heavy fines, probation, and being registered as a drug offender are some of the possible sentencing punishments that can occur for committing a drug crime.

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, criminal defense lawyer, find criminal lawyer near me

  • Domestic Violence

“Domestic violence,” allegations are generally brought against a spouse, dating partner, parent, or any other close relation. It also covers rape,abuse, stalking, kidnapping and other violations. This category of crimes are very common and devastating, provided which the arrests can solely be made on the basis of complaint. It is only with a skilled lawyer by side, defending you, the jury may lighten or reduce the charges. Loss of child custody, visitation rights, and employment, are the prominent reasons to hire an expert legal attorney.

  • Theft Crimes

“Theft crimes” includes a wide category of specific criminal charges, simply explaining belongings taken illegally. “Robbery” involves taking someone’s property without his permission. Some of the best Los Angeles Criminal attorneys adopt effective strategies to handle the different cases of theft crime.

  • Weapons Crimes

When a person is charged for using a weapon, when committing a crime, his punishment is automatically enhanced. Also, holding an Illegal possession of a weapon brings some serious consequences. For all this reason, it is best to appoint a skilled criminal defense attorney in LA to conquest the weapons charges or get them purged from record as soon as possible.

  • Sex Crimes

The social humiliation resulting from committing a sex crime can haunt you all your life, and you may also be forced to be listed as a sex offender, in addition to suffering from prison terms and hefty fines. A sex crimes can include: rape, spousal rape, statutory rape, child abuse, sexual harassment, prostitution, and any indecent exposure. The nature of sex crime mostly results to overlooked defendants’ rights, which makes it even more crucial to seek the best criminal attorney.

For every criminal case, diligence and being careful about every minute aspect—are the key factors in accomplishing a positive and favorable outcome. It is very important to hire an expert attorney who can easily understand all the detailed circumstances of the case, and tailor a defense strategy accordingly.


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