Immigration Rights You Need to Know

Immigration Lawyer in San Jose

Are you in the United States for a short visit or a long stay? Confused about your rights in this country? Just like citizens, visitors and immigrants also hold protections and rights on the visa. The US Constitution provides some protections, whereas certain states grant rights like driving privileges.

An Immigration lawyer helps clients deal with a variety of issues concerning visas, U.S. citizenship, green cards, and other immigration assistance. The U.S. immigration law is federal, enabling you to get help from any lawyer in U.S. states, even if you are living in some another country.

There is a large number of citizens who came as immigrants in the U.S, where immigrants hold the same rights as citizens. The US Constitution protection policy includes both citizens and non-citizens. These Immigration Constitutional rights include freedom of religion, protection, and speech, safeguarding immigrants from unreasonable seizures, self-incrimination, cruel and unusual punishment to non-citizens, the right to jury trial. The Supreme Court expects, no discrimination for temporary workers, non-citizens, visa holders from the state. They all are protected but do not have access to certain civil rights.

Immigration Attorney in San Jose

The United States has garnered certain protections for the Visa holders, including the right to a fair wage, protection from domestic violence and abuse, sex trafficking, discrimination. Some local elections allow non-citizen voting, while US federal and state elections are only done by US citizens.

Plan to consult with an immigration law attorney if:

  • uncertain about the eligibility of green card application or it is some other immigration benefit
  • applying for an investment-based visa
  • Want to request any type of discretionary relief, for example, waiver or an asylum, involving persuasion of the immigration authorities. They may make an offer, which is not ordinarily available for other applicants
  • find difficulty in obtaining citizenship, USCIS green card, or any other immigration assistance
  • in an emergency and need help regarding an immigration matter
  • have been notified about the removal or deportation proceedings
  • have been deported from the U.S. and request to apply for return
  • have had an immigration application denied or refused
  • have committed a criminal offense or been convicted of such offense
  • have plans to move to the U.S. for work with a U.S. employer
  • find immigration form filling and documents confusing or time-consuming

There are many other reasons where you need to consult with an immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers usually charge a flat fee to meet with the client and talk over. Ilexapp is a perfect platform to help you out as it guides whether the lawyer could, be hired or not. Also, you can avail to get a free consultation. It is essential that you keep more than one option of attorneys before selecting one to represent your case.

Bring along personal documents related to the immigration scenario, like visa, passport, marriage certificate, notice from immigration authorities, and criminal convictions record if any. Immigration lawyer asks a number of questions and takes down notes, after guiding about the steps that need to be taken, while proceeding further.


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