Hire a Drug Crimes Attorney in San Francisco

Drug Crimes Attorney in San Francisco

If you are found guilty of any drug crime, you have to face hefty fines, probation or even jail time. If you are charged with drug possession, drug trafficking or an intent to distribute drugs, an expert drug crimes attorney may explain all the legal opportunities along with defending you in court, attempting to negotiate the plea agreement with the prosecutor. Here in this article, we will discuss about drug crimes, and how severe it can get.

The US government categorizes illegal drugs as per its scheduled class varying from 1 to 5. If a person is found in possession of any drug that is legal without prescription or illegal, he is charged with criminal drug charges. Soon after facing or being suspected and charged of a drug-related crime, the best option is to appoint a drug crimes attorney or a criminal lawyer who’ve had relevant experience of defending against any drug charges.

The severity of a drug charge depends upon the type of drug, amount in possession and whether the person is suspected of drug manufacturing, trafficking, distributing, or obtaining it fraudulently with a prescription.

Generally, Schedule I drugs are considered the most serious drug crime charges, whereas Schedule V drugs are the least severe drug crime charges. Talking of Schedule I drugs, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, LSD, Heroin are included in it. All these drugs are illegal and prohibited from being sold in pharmacies mainly due to its high tendency for any crime or abuse, without adding any beneficial use to it medically.

Schedule II drugs consist of opiates, whereas schedule III, IV, and V drugs are easily available but in specific dosage as prescribed by the doctor or pharmacists.

The penalty of a drug crime can be quite severe if you are found guilty or plead guilty during trials, and may include heavy fines, and jail sentences. When you hire a drug crimes lawyer, he can explain all the possible penalties in detail, while reviewing all the legal options.

Someone caught making profit from selling illegal or prohibited drugs have to face a severe financial penalty and custody. Drug policy in several states is quite stringent when it comes to convicting people, caught carrying a significant amount of illegal drugs.

Those with abusing drugs are sentenced to imprisonment or rehabilitation facility. If they are demonstrated showcasing significant improvement, then they may be released from conviction without any criminal record.

Depending on the drug, and the individual, criminal law has different policies, like the first-time offenders or the offenders who has committing the crime repeatedly. Any operative legal action on drug and criminal law are first taken into account by the specific law governing body of that locality.

But the big question is where to find the best drug crimes attorney! Seeking online assistance to appoint an expert attorney is probably the best option. Use www.ilexapp.com to find a drug crimes attorneys, as it offers a wide range of options serving in your state.


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