Getting a DUI Attorney in San Francisco

DUI attorney in San Francisco

Whether it is a plea bargain or taking your case to jury trials, the first thing that lingers your mind is getting a DUI attorney representing your case. Before hiring a lawyer, if possible try and seek a free consultation, that will enable you to understand how professional and expert the attorney is. Also, you can ask the judicial body to arrange a lawyer, in case you are unable to afford one. Here in this discussion, we will talk about the important aspects of hiring a Dui attorney in San Francisco

Having tight finances but still being unable to qualify for a free representation, calls for appointing an attorney that can present all the documents and evidences in your defense. There are a lot of attorneys offering free consultation initially, for people planning to hire a DUI attorney.

Generally, fighting a DUI case depends solely on one thing i.e. “how strong the prosecution’s evidence is”. Hence, an evidence presenting high BAC (blood alcohol concentration) or being extremely intoxicated might be the way for plea negotiation.

In almost every state, being convicted of a DUI charge for driving with blood alcohol concentration of .08% or above, irrespective of whether you were affected by the liquor or not. For a driver having high BAC  2% or more), he has to face a lot of difficulty to win during trials. Even if a DUI attorney may raise certain doubts about BAC measurement precision, it is not strong enough to prove that you didn’t cross legal limit.

Possibilities of getting free from a DUI charge during trials are way better when the BAC is close to .08%. Having a BAC of .08%, your DUI attorney only needs to convince the jury that you are within the specified margin and there may have been any error in the testing procedure. With all the circumstances in mind, your attorney can easily prove your case, and get you rid of the charge DUI.

Talking of Plea bargaining also known as sentence bargaining,  a criminal defense attorney and the prosecutor reach a mutual settlement, where the defendant goes into being guilty or no plea contest    in exchange of reduced fine, charge, or jail sentence. The prosecutor racks up a DUI conviction without needing to go for trials.

Plea bargain usually involves the assessment of some factors deciding, whether the defendant will go for trial or not. It is more likely to get a decent plea bargain for the defendant is the prosecution’s case holds some weakness. Also a prosecutor is often less willing for negotiation where aggravating factors like injuries or high BAC are involved.

Winning a DUI hearing is dependent on a lot of various factors. But mostly, it is best to hire a San Francisco DUI attorney before making it a real deal.When you pick to fight the DUI charge and go for jury trial—you are more likely to have a good chance of getting declared a positive result from the judges deciding the case— with an only exception of having some unusual or technical glitch in your defense.


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