Find Criminal Attorney Near Me

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer, can help you prepare for trial, bargain plea, and come up with an effective strategy, when it comes to having a defense strategy. In a criminal case,the defense lawyer,makes you understand all the charges that… Continue Reading

What to do when you get caught Drunk and Driving

For driving in Washington, DC (District of Columbia) BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of more than prescribed limit results into offences ‘Driving Under Influence’-(DUI) and ‘Driving While Intoxicated’ (DWI). If you are of age under 21 years, you cannot have any… Continue Reading

Defend yourself against speeding tickets

Speeding ticket is a notice issued by law enforcement official to a motorist or road user indicating that the user has violated traffic laws. In US, Traffic tickets come in two ways. One for citing moving violation like over-speeding, and… Continue Reading

DUI arrest in California

The state of California has strict laws for DUI (Driving Under Influence). These laws are similar to laws of many other states in USA. According to California’s DUI laws, it’s illegal to operate motor vehicle with BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)… Continue Reading